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alter ego

'alter ego' is a concept collection creating a foundation for what is to come. It explores the change required within us when reflecting on a possibility for change in the exterior world. Meet, understand and integrate your alter ego.

alter ego logo
digital art by Isabelle Nisbet


There is an invisible balance in the world and within ourselves. Good and evil, chaos and order—however, put, without one the other ceases to exist. For change, a shift in perspective is required. We need change to move forward within ourselves and in the exterior world.
You want something to change on a global level, don’t you? Have you changed yourself? Are you another sheep in the herd? … You’re not a sheep so stop acting like one.
All this talk of global change yet you can’t make your bed in the morning? Get your shit together.
STOP focusing on the big picture, you can’t even comprehend that yet. Focus on yourself for once.
Fix you. That person you want to become—it’s there. You are your own Garden of Eden, maintain, grow, expand—don’t let it die. Who is waiting there? Meet your alter ego—understand them, accept them and use them. They are your superpower. A villain is just a misunderstood, mistreated, superhero—most of which is self-inflicted.
Change yourself before you try and change the world. Embrace your alter ego and the world will evolve from our hands.
This is ‘alter ego’ the collection—a visual representation. With hidden lessons in stages, its ultimate purpose is to reach the destination of self-evolution: change.
realisation: for change, one must start with themselves. for a ripple, there must be a drop.
digital art by Isabelle Nisbet


‘alter ego’ is a collection summarising this idea of change in the exterior world—this starting within ourselves. Starting with ourselves is starting at the ground / the foundation. Change within ourselves is a difficult task. Humans are creatures of habit but we also need change for survival.
There is an overwhelming amount of incremental stages involved in bettering ourselves. This alone can be a reason to avoid it all together. It’s uncomfortable. But for anything to change a pressure or force is inflicted. To become stronger some pain is there.
Many philosophers, phycologists, and professors put their teachings and/or findings into lists. Lists are digestible for the common person.
So here we have a list: a list that simplifies and breaks down the stages for personal change and growth.
Meeting your alter ego, acknowledging and accepting what it is—the good, the bad. Then embracing it, using it as a pillar for motivation and understanding what it would become under current circumstances. But what about different circumstances? What could it become then? Realisation through to application and integration of your alter ego.

6 key lessons

alter ego mood board
line up of collection

LECTO I – you

LECTO iI – acknowledge

LECTO iii – them

LECTO iv – enlightenment & knowledge

lecto v – perspective

lecto vi – sacrifice – becoming (prt1)


Isabelle Nisbet

Visual representation of experience, simple and complex ideas and concepts has been an ongoing experiment of mine. I've realised I am always doing this; it’s what I've built my identity around as a designer. Through embracing visual thought, I’ve come to understand my own method of design.