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back to 80s

When it comes to fashion, minimalism has been the go-to look for some time now, but there’s currently a change in the air. Perhaps feeling a little bored with all those simplistic styles, or joy and optimism will be embraced as necessary and even radical, against a backdrop of challenge and constraint. This collection brings forward a new wave of maximal fashion that appears straight from the 80s, which aims to explores the power of design to boost moods and incite positivity. So, what did women wear in the 80s? Based on Brewer (2021), Fashion in the 1980s was all about excess. Everything was big, bold, and utterly glamorous. During the day, ladies rocked power suits with big shoulder pads to prove that they were just as powerful as the gents. By night, they got glammed-up in sequin and one-shoulder styles. Being inspired by the 80s fashion, big shoulders, bright colors, and plenty of statement style are applied in this collection, which make fashion fun once again. Perfect for creating exciting and eye-catching outfits, this 80s fashion trend promises to infuse your wardrobe with a new and glamorous sense of style. Furthermore, 80s Chanel by Karl Largerfeld will be the main resources for the whole silhouettes. For example, matching a range of pearl accessories with powerful or elegant garments

Qin Huang

Hi, this is Qin Huang [Shirley], who is the 3rd year fashion design student in QUT. anybody that knows me knows that my passion and goals in life have to deal with fashion, if I could be anything in this world, I would love to be a designer of some sort, especially in the categories of activewear. fashion is an art form; it allows you to express your view on style anyway you choose. and to me I feel like nobody has the right to judge that.