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Daedalian Tree

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Daedalian meaning ingeniously designed; intricate, skillful, and difficult to comprehend due to complexity, the collection is named Daedalian tree as it is a visual narrative of complex human emotions and how it stems, flourishes, and intertwines with love and sentiment. ‘Imperfection is a part of nature and it is beautiful, as there is no flower that is perfectly symmetrical and no mature tree without a broken branch, there is no love without hardship and no life without death’

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Miu s Tsujikawa

Studying in the midst of COVID19, Miu has self-taught various techniques such as draping, eco dying, floral printing, jewellery design/making, and embellishments that are seen throughout the collection. Each silhouette has been soulfully crafted to truly create a unique piece, often inspired by fine art and flora & fauna while being sustainable and earth-friendly by upcycling material and off-cuts, dying with bio-mordant, and mainly using natural fabrics such as cotton and silk. 'Think of all the beauty still left around you, and be happy.' - Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank