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Elegant Wanderer

Elegant Wanderer is a collection that showcases how the elegance of nature can be translated into delicate timeless garments. The collection embodies unique landscapes from memories of my childhood travels. The designs have the ability to transform from casual lifestyle items into formal and sophisticated silhouettes.

Elegant Wanderer graduate collection | By Grace Moar

The Elegant Wanderer Collection consists of six main silhouettes, however the collection was designed with the intention for many of the garments to transform from casual to formal.

The photographed featured below were:
Shot by – Mackenzie Quinn, @mackkdesigns
Modelled by – Myself and Kelsey Williams, @kelseystudio_

Elegant Wanderer Collection Film

The film featured below was:
Filmed by – Mackenzie Quinn, @mackkdesigns
Modelled by – Myself and Kelsey Williams, @kelseystudio_

Grace Moar

Grace is the designer behind the Elegant Wanderer collection and her brand Iris Joy. She has an interest in creating sophisticated commercial clothing with the addition of unique textural elements. Her aim is to explore traditional artisan techniques and showcase them within contemporary fashion.