Fashion - Bachelors

Fearless Earth

The FEARLESS EARTH collection is based around the concept of fashion anxiety, focusing on the the need for a perfect balance between conformity and individuality in the modern world. The FEARLESS EARTH collection aims to satisfy this need by combining lasting style trends with a sense of individual flare. With a focus on sustainable design, the textiles used in this collection are created by hand using unique fabric dyeing and various embroidery techniques.

Grevillia Jacket & Banksia Dress

This silhouette features a fitted, collared dress which features a lemon bleached cross hatch pattern, and a linen Jacket with appliqué edged pockets and embroidered edge detailing.

Acacia Top & Eucalyptus Pants

This silhouette features a straight leg pant detailed with a sponge printed, lemon bleached, floral detailing, and a simple cream blouse with a subtle lace hem.

Bottlebrush co-ord set

This silhouette features beautiful, linen fabric hand embroidered with wool, then used to create a tie back top and shorts set.

Melaleuca Top & Grey gum pants

This silhouette features a hand dyed floral fabric used to create a trumpet sleeved top with small hand embroidered details and a simple wide leg pant with a subtle lemon bleached floral pattern along the sides.

Westringa top & ivory bell skirt

This silhouette features a hand printed top with a flute sleeve and a subtle embroidered edge, and a simple straight skirt with a coffee and cream printed floral pattern.

Waratah dress

This silhouette features a hand printed, floral patterned dress with a silk mesh overlay, embroidered with a matching green running stitch.

Hanah Tibbles

Growing up in the Whitsundays, Hanah has a great appreciation for the beauty of nature, which inspires most of her designs and nurtured her passion for earth-centred and sustainable design. While exploring these passions through her final years at QUT, Hanah has developed a design style which utilises natural dying techniques and organic patterns to create elegant, timeless garments.