Fashion - Honours


Using boned structures, layering, lacing, ties and geometric shapes Georgette presents a subtly distorted version of the female form. Through the compression of the bust and accentuation of certain aspects of the body, combined with symbolic imagery, this collection explores imperfection, disapproves the male gaze, and aims to inspire individuals to express themselves freely, confidently, and unapologetically.


Photographer: Niamh Chetham Browne
Models: Claudia Kehoe, Madison Malouf, Niamh Chetham Browne & Alice White

Georgette Bunn

Georgette’s graduate collection combines allusive print design & traditional corsetry influences to explore social perceptions of perfection & contribute to a more inclusive & expressive definition of feminine beauty. Georgette is driven by the desire to re-discover the expansive nature of beauty.