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“LOHAIN _ High”

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“ L O H A I N _ H i g h “ is the school of (LO)VE, (HA)PPINESS and (IN)SPIRATION, where students venture to discover their own Purpose and Identities. The collection is designed from a personal narrative standpoint, as it is a very small reflection of my own personal journey. The collection showcases emotions, lessons, accomplishments, failures experienced in my lifetime, in the forms of garments. The concept of Purpose and Identity is merged with the context of Spatial Design, experimenting with space and structure of silhouettes and garments. In regards to construction, the collection is heavily focussed on the artisan and craftsmanship of traditional tailoring, providing high quality production, designs and details. ~ Aljon San José / SAJO

Aljon San José

Aljon San José is a passionate, dedicated and caring designer, who wishes to create a story that involves spreading LOVE, HAPPINESS and INSPIRATION within his creations. His brand, "SAJO" is an "Ath-leisure and luxury fusion, which embodies Aljon's personal experiences and core values obtained from his time living in the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.