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The brand with a double meaning 'dreams that come true' and 'more to dream' releases the collection, “Seishun no Renaissance,” the rebirth of youth. The mission of this collection is to unlock the inner youth that has been put away by society as we grow up. My collection seeks to encourage it’s wearers to play with the garment and stumble upon elements that transform the seemingly ordinary piece into something extraordinary.

Fashion Film

The photoshoot

Divided by 2 styles of photography, Triana had decided to do 2 shoots: 1 vibrant and casual shoot at the Kalbar Sunflower Festival and another shoot with a professional photographer that specializes in film photography.

Shoot 1

Photographer: Steven Phan

Shoot 2

Photographer: Dan Tran
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Triana My-Tien Pham

Triana is a very fortunate designer to be surrounded by friends, family and close companions that support her dream of becoming a fashion designer. She strives to create anything she or anyone can imagine as there is no limit to her imagination or skills.