Fashion - Bachelors

Ne S’efface Jamais

I have adored Audrey Hepburn my entire life. I believe she embodies sophistication and elegance beautifully whilst still having fun and seeing good and humour in life. I wanted to create a collection that features Audrey Hepburn as my muse and famous garments worn by her as my inspiration.Ne s'efface jamais is a collection inspired by high end garments produced from a time and money poor uni student with no industry experience. It’s authentic, it’s genuine and it’s me, Hannah.

Hannah Adlam

I am a twenty-year-old fashion designer with a passion for feminine design and female empowerment. Fashion is a part of my personality and always has been. My entire life has been spent designing, styling and posing. Through education and industry experience, I have gained an extensive set of skills and knowledge that I believe are very beneficial to me and those I will work with.