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Out there is a Ready to Wear Spring Summer Collection inspired by fictional escapism and adventure. The collection looks to transport the wearer to a place of wanderlust and nostalgia, as it seeks to celebrate adventure. The Out There Collection has layers of symmetry seen in colour shape and design. Small details of repetition, and garment detailing create a cohesive and satisfying collection. Although inspired by escapism and nostalgia, Out There is a modern collection with elements of street wear, new accessory design, clean branding and functional garments made to stand the test of time.

The Wendy Alice completely Zero Waste Dress

Shannon Holloway

Shannon has forever been moved and inspired by fictional stories of adventure and the great outdoors. Growing up she spent many days out on the ocean or chasing waterfalls. Alongside her love for adventure is her natural tendency and love for creativity. Growing up Shannon’s mum was a home economics teacher and was always sewing! Shannon's love for creating was wholesomely encouraged by her environment. Her goal is to design with purpose and her designs often consider the environment. She uses predominantly natural fibres and strategic pattern making to reduce waste. Her designs are inspired by the outdoors, adventure, poetry, whimsical elements of fiction and fun.