Fashion - Bachelors

Unshaken Graduate Collection

Unshaken is an affectionate exploration of performative masculine roles represented in movies and video games. It is a response to Ulf's own experience and perspective as a trans-masculine person, subverting preconceived ideas of manhood. References include classic male protagonists such as the lone cowboy and stony-faced soldier, paired with a theatrical approach and contrasting materials.

Person wearing shorts and shirt leaning on banister.
Two cool people posing dramatically, looking off into the distance.
Person spinning in cool red velvet-lined jacket and vest.
Person leaning on wall with arms crossed, wearing a nice arty singlet.
Two people leaning on inside of doorway and on railing, look relaxed and cool.
Two people leaning on wall all relaxed and enjoying being cowboys.

Ulf Francis

Ulf is a fashion design student with a passion for dress history, world building and illustration. When he's not making historical garments by hand and learning how to start a fire with flint and steel, Ulf enjoys playing the guitar, drawing and playing Red Dead Redemption.